Client Information

What is the typical net worth of the clients with whom you work?
The net worth of our clients ranges from $150MM to $10+B.

What are the types of sources of wealth of the families with whom you have worked?
We have consulted with families with wealth originating from publicly and privately held companies in industries such as real estate, oil and gas, food service, manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, medical devices, investment and wealth management, construction, wine and spirits, and equine.

Do you work with multi-jurisdictional families?
Yes, we have experience working with families who have the jurisdictional complexity of having family members located in different geographical locations in the US and around the world.

In terms of liquid assets, how much is needed to start a single family office?
It depends. Factors such as how active the family plans to be in the operation of the office, the level of complexity of the office, and the type of family office it will be are all determinants. A do-it-yourselfer could start a single family office with $50MM but typically, liquid assets of $300MM or more is required.


How long is a typical engagement?
The duration of a typical consulting and advisory engagement ranges from six months to one to two years depending upon the scale, scope, and complexity. Many of Tamarind Partners’ engagements are structured in phases.

Do you work virtually?
We are always considerate of our client’s valuable time. Therefore, we work flexibly and efficiently, often in-person for initial and other significant meetings and via online conference calls for meetings in between. We are happy to meet our clients where they desire, but realize the benefit to many clients of working remotely.

Do you share client and prospect information with third parties?
Your privacy is a critical part of our relationship with you. We never share your information unless we have been given our client’s expressed permission.


How do you charge for your services (AUM, AUA, project, retainer, hourly, etc.)?
We charge on a fee basis for services based on the scope and complexity of the project or the service provided. The fee can be a combination of retainer and hourly or a flat project fee. We do not fee based on assets.

Do you receive any referral payments for services provided to clients?
No, we do not receive any referral payments, kickbacks, or incentives for referring clients to 3rd party providers. If we refer a client to a service provider as part of an engagement, the referral is done as part of goodwill between the independent businesses unless otherwise disclosed to the client as part of the client engagement. Any possible conflicts of interest are always disclosed.


What is your family office diagnostic report?
As part of our consulting solution, we often create a family office diagnostic report which provides a research-based baseline of the current situation and recommendations for change management. These reports are always customized.

What investment services do you provide?

  • Investment committee guidance
  • Personal cash flow and budget planning
  • Investment policy statement review and advice
  • Asset allocation review
  • Wealth advisor and portfolio fee review
  • Risk profile review
  • Direct investment due diligence

What investment services don’t you provide?
We do not provide advisory services.

Do you provide insurance advisement?
No, however, if an advisement is required as part of an engagement, we can provide the client with options of qualified professionals to select from to provide insurance advice.

Do you custody assets?
No, we do not custody any assets.

Do you provide trust services?
We provide a review of your trust documentation and help you understand what the trust means to you and your heirs.
We do not provide traditional trust services or legal advice.

Can you help with what to do next with liquidity events (inheritance, sale of asset, lottery, etc.)?
Yes, we help families manage the considerations and the full scope of planning for all kinds of liquidity events.

Can you help me find a multi-family office that meets my needs?
Yes, we have expertise in the multi-family office segment.

Can you help educate my adult children on wealth matters including how to understand their personal investment statements?
Yes, through our family wealth education program, Tamarind Learning, we offer an array of online courses, webinars, and opportunities for coaching and mentoring.

Do you facilitate family meetings?
Yes, we facilitate family meetings and have experience doing so for more than a decade.

Do you customize executive retreats for family office personnel?
Yes, we design and facilitate executive retreats based on the theme provided or needs determined during the diagnostics of the family office.

Do you help with the on-boarding of new employees working in the family office?
Yes, our process of on-boarding new employees for both family office and family foundation positions has proven very successful and rewarding.

Can I hire you to be on my board?
Yes, please contact us if you are interested in discussing the opportunity.