Consulting and Advisory

Tamarind Partners is a full-service consulting firm. Our services range from helping families set up new family offices and optimizing established family offices, to effectively transitioning ownership, building governance structures and family leadership for multi-generational families. We also advise on foundation development, giving strategies, and governance.

Our team is highly experienced (having been operators in family offices, roles in family foundations, and on family business boards of directors) and is well positioned to support clients in all areas of the family office. For clients who need solutions that are more hands-on, we also provide C-suite services in the areas of tax, accounting, compliance, and staffing.

Family Office Consulting

Expert consultation on specific family office needs – strategic, structural, set-up, transitional, and operational

Foundation and Giving Advisory

Expert advisory on foundation set-up, strategy, processes, and philanthropic policies and procedures

Outsourced Service Provider Sourcing

Thorough due diligence to find the right service provider/advisor fit based on your needs

Succession and Transition Planning

Thoughtful and well-structured succession plan development for the family, family enterprise, and family office

Advisory Boards

Best-in-class advisory board development including policies, administration, and access to a curated roster of board member candidates

Wealth Holdings Review

Comprehensive services review and best practices insight, from developing an investment policy to understanding your risk profiles

Family Enterprise Advisory

Expert advisory on strategic, lean, and effective operating systems


Best-in-class structures to guide the family and family office

Communication – Structured communication systems leading to clear direction, harmony, and consensus

Constitution – Values (proprietary program), vision, and mission development provides the foundation for guiding the current and the future of the family and family office

Policies and Procedures – Best practice guidance for the family, operators, and strategic advisors and providers

Strategic Planning and Advisory

Expert advisory on short and long-term needs of the family, its future generations, and the family office and family enterprise

Technology and Security Review – Comprehensive situation analysis based on gaps relative to industry best practices

Risk Management Review – Comprehensive risk management assessment and risk profile development based on strengths and weaknesses relative to industry best practices

“Tamarind Partners was instrumental in improving communication between the family office, and two generations of family members comprising eight family units. Formation of a formal venue for continuing communications and succession planning was also a beneficial outcome of this engagement.”

First Generation Family Member

“Of particular value was Tamarind’s definition of the scope, authority, and vulnerabilities of the family office and [its recommended] separation from the underlying business entities as the third generation is forming.”

First Generation Family Member

“Of considerable importance was the scope of Tamarind’s team of expert advisors who are specialists in their fields.”

First Generation Family Member