Our Heritage

My great grandfather, Edward Vose (E.V.) Babcock and his brothers founded Babcock Lumber Co. in 1887. It quickly became one of the leading lumber companies in the United States. My family timbered from upstate New York and later moved the headquarters to Pittsburgh, PA. Under the leadership of three generations, the company expanded through the mid-1900’s buying coal mines, coke mines, and railroads as it purchased vast tracts of land along the eastern seaboard.

In 1914, my family purchased 156,000 acres of South Florida land, 90,000 comprised our family ranch, and 65,000 was transferred to the State of Florida. The family stewarded this land, timbering Florida slash pine, matt logging sustainably cypress, mining aggregate, ranching 5,000 head of Brangus in a calving operation, farming watermelon, and managing hunting leases, a quarter horse farm, ecotourism, and a sod farm on the ranch.

In 2006, my family made the difficult decision to sell the ranch to its next steward, Sydney Kitson of Kitson & Partners. Aligning with the family’s strong stewardship principles of conserving and protecting the natural habitat, a portion of the land went to the State of Florida’s Florida Forever program and the rest became the first completely green city development northeast of Fort Myers developed by Kitson and his team.

Several years later, I would write, The Complete Family Office Handbook, and ultimately found Tamarind Partners. Both were achieved in a way to honor my own family’s legacy and to help other families navigate the challenging transitions of family wealth and enterprise. What follows is the heritage timeline of the events that shaped Tamarind Partners’ roots and our desire to serve enterprising families.
– Kirby Rosplock