Our Focus

We are dedicated to finding the best solutions for every client. No two clients are exactly alike and each one comes to us with their unique issues.

Who We Are

Named 2019 Best Family Office Management Consultancy and Best Family Wealth Counseling by the Family Wealth Report, Tamarind Partners is a recognized leader in the family office industry. We create clarity and give perspective through our research and multidisciplinary approach. In doing so we provide leading-edge insights, knowledge, and solutions.

We are thought leaders, innovators, educators, and practitioners in the family office industry. By design, we are both independent and unbiased. Founded by Kirby Rosplock, a female entrepreneur who was born into a fourth-generation enterprising family, we understand the complex needs of our clients and serve as their trusted partner.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that families and their family offices deserve straight, unbiased, and custom advice and consultation that is not tied to financial or investment products. Family office guidance should be given purely and objectively and not incentivized in any way. As a member of a complex enterprising family, our founder understands this personally. She and other members of our team have worn the various “hats” of the beneficial owner, trustee, grantor, investor, entrepreneur, board member, advisor, and operator. This unique perspective enables us to better support and advocate for our clients.

Our Unique Approach

We blend 50+ years of experience working in the family office, wealth management, and professional services industries, with our drive for excellence and our dedication to finding the best solutions for our clients. We believe that every family office is a work in progress – innovating, adapting, and overcoming today’s challenges in order to thrive.

We provide leading-edge insights, knowledge, and solutions through our research and multidisciplinary consulting approach. Coupled with our knowledge, experience, and exposure to a myriad of family offices at different ages and stages of development, our guidance is unparalleled. This perspective influences how we evolve our approaches and our engagements. Yet each client is unique. In order for our efforts to lead to recommendations, advice, and actions that help families move the needle, we always deliver bespoke solutions.

Who We Serve

We work with families of wealth, the operators in their family offices and family enterprises, and their strategic advisors and providers to solve their unique family office and wealth challenges. Considering these three constituents, we believe that it is essential to approach all engagements from each of these vantage points.

From the family lens, we consider the owner’s views, intentions, understandings, and desires. From the operator’s lens, we appreciate the functioning, planning, execution, risk management, and operational effectiveness needed to accomplish the owner’s goals. From the strategic advisor’s/provider’s lens, we understand the key parties who are vested in the well-being and continuity of a family, its operations, and its long-term success.

Inspiration Behind Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the Getty Gardens, designed by J. Paul Getty, an oil mogul and at one time the wealthiest man in the world. The Gardens represent how a family office is an intentional structure, which takes careful planning, oversight, upkeep, and management to precipitate wealth transfer, continuity, and support for its family client.

A family office, like the Garden, must weather many seasons or family generations. The interlocking circles represent the maze of complexity as it relates to ownership, management, succession, and governance considerations. The Gardens sit in a reflection pool, representing the transparency, clarity, wisdom, and guidance that a family office provides. The family office acts as a guide, interface, and beacon to help the family navigate complex change.

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